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Jessica Wadd

Senior Consultant
Vantage Partners

Jessica Wadd

Jessica Wadd is a Senior Consultant with Vantage Partners, LLC where much of her work focuses on the firm’s Supplier Management practice.  During her time with Vantage, Jessica has worked with several firms across the financial services, pharmaceutical, and health care industries to define programs for managing their most strategic suppliers, creating and enhancing supplier relationship management processes and tools, and enhancing individual collaboration and negotiation skills.

Jessica is co-author of “Exit task in-sourcing, enter comprehensive outsourcing” published in Scrip100 magazine, “The Growing Importance of Supplier Collaboration in Asian Markets” published in Supply Chain Asia,  and several studies including “Customer Supplier Negotiation Study” and “Value Delivered by Strategic Supplier Relationship Management in Major Organisations.”

Prior to joining Vantage, Jessica was a strategic relationship manager at Lincoln Financial Group where her responsibilities included negotiating and managing several of the company’s most critical alliances. Jessica is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and holds bachelors’ degrees in English and Economics.