Robert Conlon

Senior Vice President
Sibson Consulting


Mr. Conlon has nearly 20 years experience consulting on human resource issues with a wide variety of organizations and industries both domestically and internationally. His clients have included service, manufacturing, government, and health care organizations. His principal focus is enabling organizations to successfully deploy human capital to create competitive advantage and sustain success.

Recent examples of his work include:

Professional Background

Prior to joining Sibson, Mr. Conlon was a Principal at another major human resource consultancy. In addition, his prior experiences include responsibilities as a Business Manager and CFO for a sales and service organization, and as a Corporate Services Representative for a major investment banking firm.

Education/Professional Designations

Mr. Conlon has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Relations from Harvard College, and has completed a Harvard University graduate fellowship with concentration in Business and Organizational Psychology. He also has earned certifications in Transition Management from William Bridges and Associates, and in Executive Coaching and Assessment from both the Alliance for Strategic Leadership and the Hogan Leadership Group.