Cristian Paun

Cristian Paun

Senior Advisor, Lecturer, former Digital Officer DuPont
Senior Fellow, ESF Center, Europe, The Conference Board

Cristian is a business designer and a change maker, an innovator with strong storytelling abilities that inspires growth mindset;

a passionate Senior Executive from the Chemical/Insurance/FMCG/Banking/Telecommunications industry. He has focused on the connection between IT and successful business outcomes, both with bringing topline growth as well as cost reduction programs. He has significant track record in the delivery of technologies like RPA, AI, IoT to solve real business problems. Lead globally Innovation, M&A, integration and separation programs. He crafted procurement and vendor strategies that allowed to achieve multimillion EUR savings.


I help companies transform their businesses and discover how to turn business ideas into value propositions that matter to customers, embedded in disruptive new digital business models. The company of the future will be based on three pillars:


Purposeful design

- a company with two engines: 

  • engine 1, powers today's profit, manage the present,
  • engine 2, generate tomorrow's profit, reinvent the future,


Powered by Technology

- build technologies that integrate the right balance of robotic, intelligent and autonomous capabilities to advance well defined business goals,


Driven by People

- people do business with people, not a logo or a robot; new businesses will be designed with purpose, powered by AI and driven by people!


To be successful in any transformation you need to win people hearts. But is this enough? It is necessary, but not enough. I appeal to people's logic about why the change is needed. I appeal to people's knowledge of what they need to do to effectively support change. Above all, I appeal to people's emotions about why the change is important for the future! I win people's heart, head and hands!