Dr. Christopher Metzler

Dr. Christopher Metzler

Senior Vice President, DEI and ESG
National Urban League

Dr. Christopher Metzler is Senior Vice President, DEI and ESG, National Urban League. He is also an expert in navigating uncertainty, as well as the reasons why unlikely people can often be the source of our greatest new ideas.

Dr. Metzler created the first certification in DEI the nation at Cornell University where he was a faculty member in DEI, Law and related disciplines. He also launched the Master’s degree in H.R. and Diversity, Systems Engineering, Sports Industry Management, Emergency and Disaster Management, Technology Management, Urban and Regional Planning and The Executive Diversity Management Certificate at Georgetown. He has served on the faculties of Cornell, Georgetown, Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine, Bellarmine University, Kings College and others. He was a Senior Fellow at The Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine. He served on the faculty of The Jossor Institute in Qatar and an educational advisor for The World Cup 2022.

He frequently advises organizations on Board Governance and Compliance, and has served as an expert witness is discrimination cases in State and Federal Courts. He is an expert on ESG and advises global organizations on implementation and rankings in ESG and other governance related efforts. In conjunction with Moth & Flame and National Urban League, he is redefining education and learning using VR technology.

Dr. Metzler provides strategic, policy and SEM support for global sustainability strategy, ESG reporting and ESG stakeholder engagement. He is a graduate of Columbia University in New York in International Human Rights and The University of Oxford in England in Human Rights Law. He is a member of The University of Oxford and Kellogg College at Oxford. His doctorates are from Aberdeen.