Michelle Long

Michelle Long

Benefit Program Manager, Global Total Rewards

Michelle Long serves as the Senior Benefits Manager at Visa US, a role she has diligently fulfilled and grown into over the past seven years. In her position, she manages a highly skilled team responsible for the majority of the country's health and welfare programs. Her responsibilities span from managing core medical, dental, and vision programs to handling the complexities of open enrollment, benefits administration, and communications support that brings Visa Benefits to life.

 Michelle is passionate about not only enhancing employee benefits understanding, but also improving their overall benefits experience. She also manages the policy for widely appreciated employee reimbursement programs, such as the Educational Assistance Program.

Before her tenure at Visa, Michelle held positions at other technology firms in Austin, such as VMWare and AMD, following her experience in the carrier and HR consulting sectors.

She is a proud alumna of UCLA, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Michelle is based in Austin, Texas. She shares her home with her husband, their three teenagers (a son and twin daughters), and their cherished bulldogs, Bailey and Violet.

In her personal life, Michelle is actively involved in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and National Charity League (NCL). She also takes a keen interest in her children's sporting activities, primarily football and basketball. Always up for a challenge, she enjoys undertaking creative projects ranging from baking to arts and crafts, to home improvement tasks with the “oh – I can do that…” mindset.