Melissa Danielsen

Melissa Danielsen

Co-founder and CEO

Melissa Danielsen is a serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for creating positive societal impact. With her innovative approach, Melissa is focused on launching and scaling products and services that address unmet needs, particularly in the neurodivergent and disabled communities. Her journey began in corporate America, where she served in business development and marketing roles before transitioning to entrepreneurship. She founded her first company as a licensed Medicaid provider, developing person-centered programs for adults with disabilities. Her company was later acquired by a public corporation, leading to her next venture, Joshin.

Joshin is a tech-enabled support solution that offers expert-led virtual coaching, digital programs, and personalized navigation for individuals with neurodivergence and disabilities, managers, allies, and caregivers. Melissa's commitment to this cause is deeply personal, drawing from her experiences with her late brother, Josh, who had developmental disabilities and epilepsy, and her own ADHD and dyscalculia diagnosis, which she navigates alongside her 7-year-old daughter.

In addition to her role as CEO and Co-Founder of Joshin, Melissa has served on several boards, including as the board chair of Joshin, and as a director for ARRM, Association of Residential Resources in Minnesota, and The Arc Minnesota. She brings nearly twenty years of experience in marketing and sales, with a focus on partnership development, program growth, and entrepreneurship.

Melissa's life outside work is filled with the joy of raising two spirited and beautiful daughters. An active yogi, film buff, and podcast enthusiast, Melissa continues to address systemic problems through human-centered tech solutions, bridging the gap between access and opportunity.