Diversity & Inclusion

"I came as an interested visitor and changed into a great believer and enthusiast. A new world opened up. I'm convinced that we need to put Diversity & Inclusion on the table.Very inspirational and energising!?" 

Els De Paepe

Divisional HR BP Healthcare & Internal Communications Manager, Barco NV

"Great organisation and program structure.? I liked the flow - starting with getting the basics right, and having a global dimension - and the high level of speakers from different companies. It was a good pace, and a good mix of exercises and discussion. I have a clearer view of my role and how to access senior management."

Annie Vandrotte

Diversity Project Manager, Sodexo

"I've learned more in these three days than in the last three months in my new role. It was inspiring to see what other companies are doing on D&I and to know the people 'behind the scenes' and what makes them tick."

Isabella Elste

D&I Project Manager, Novartis Pharma AG 

“For faculty and learners, the Academy experience created an exceptional opportunity to connect with D&I colleagues in classrooms and to bond further over meals while enthusiastically discussing theory, practice and impact. These connections across international and organizational lines enabled conversations vital to disrupting, expanding and propelling ideas that allow us together to make more meaningful and more sustainable impact through D&I. Having been so effectively engaged, we all left the Academy with a multitude of new ideas and a redoubtable camaraderie that will enable us each to make the most of diversity in our respective organizations.”
Rebekah Steele, Global Diversity & Inclusion Executive and member of the Faculty of
The Conference Board D&I New Leaders Academy

"The D&I Academy has met my highly set expectations - both in terms of content and faculty - as well as the global scope of companies joining and the eagerness and willingness of all individuals to share challenges and best practices. I no longer feel alone - I feel part of an international community equally committed to equality and diversity as myself - and this is strengthening my general drive, as well as helping me answer concrete questions as I go along."
Karin Franklin
Manager Diversity, SKF Group Headquarters

"Approaching Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) from a regional or global perspective can be quite different from a country-specific perspective. There are few development options available to support new D&I practitioners in their international roles, beyond the direct coaching of their manager or predecessor. The Conference Board's D&I Academy offers a solution to supplement this through a format that combines real-life experience from many D&I senior professionals, coaching, and networking."                                                                                        
Lisa Kepinski
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, AXA Group

"By offering first hand insights into how a complex matrixed organization in the oil and energy industry, drives a D&I strategy, obtains sustainable results year over year, and increases the CEO's and EC's visibility to implement further behavioral changes to expand inclusion, is a learning that is worth sharing with others. There may be significant lessons on the way that may be inspiring, as well as struggles that could be avoided."                                                         
Josefine van Zanten
Senior Vice President, Culture Change, DSM

"I found the Academy extremely valuable: a great mix of strategy and pragmatism which was very useful. The sharing of experience and the openness was very powerful and I came away empowered to “Be the change”."
Helena Dreisig
Human Resources Director, Lhoist

"The D&I Academy has been extremely valuable for me, both the “theoretical part” and the networking with the D&I community and other participants.  I would most certainly recommend it to other newly appointed D&I leaders."  
Jessica Panke Wagner 
Former Talent Manager, Maersk Line HR

Strategic Workforce Planning 

"I am currently attending as a participant in the first group to go through The Academy and it has been a great learning experience from the beginning! We are implementing SWP at my company and learning from the experts at The Conference Board, as well as industry practitioners, and my fellow cohorts has added teeth to our SWP approach and tools. The Academy has been much more effective than the conferences/seminars I've attended this year. They offer a range of innovative and cutting edge approaches which you can select from and apply to your company. I highly recommend this program whether you're just starting out or if you have SWP in high gear. The program is top notch."                                                                
Rich Greenwood
Director, Strategic Workforce Planning, CSX Corporation

"I am quite satisfied with the SWP Academy, and think that participation was worth every single penny invested in it. We have joined the Academy with 4 members from Telenor, including two representatives from Telenor Headquarter (Norway), and two from the operational Business Units (Hungary and Malaysia).  Those were the times when we have been rethinking our SWP approach in the company, and some quality time for brainstorming, practice reviewing, challenging ourselves was highly required. We had to step out of the box. Stacy Chapmen, the Academy Head, was an inspiration, and the practice sharing among the Academy members was very useful. The ideas we have received in the Academy have been implemented now in Telenor Group with high appreciation from the key business leaders. But what is more important, is the connection with the Academy members that remained. I can now contact a number of top notch SWP professionals whom I know in person with the question “Hey guys, can you help me…”, and I will get  a professional advice. So, big thanks to the Academy and its organizers!"
Svitlana Bielushkina
Vice President, Head of SWP in Telenor Group