About Academies & Labs

Accelerate your thinking. Expand your leadership. Elevate your career.

The Conference Board Academies & Labs immerse you in hands-on learning with leading practitioners in fields undergoing critical change. Our faculty provide real-world insights and coach you individually on an action plan tailored to your organization. You will also meet with peers who face similar challenges to share ideas and support.

Over a 2-3 month period in the US or Europe, we apply our extensive research and network to help you transition quickly to a new senior role or achieve more in your current one. Beyond individual participation, we offer company specific programs for teams, as well as a portfolio of Academies in Europe & Labs in the US for leaders across your organization.

As a participant, you will:

  • Gain insight into best practices in your field through faculty comprised of practitioners from leading companies
  • Develop advanced skills in the latest technology, analytics and other tools reshaping the business landscape
  • Deepen your leadership abilities to articulate your vision, enlist others, create influence across the organization, and shift behaviors and culture
  • Translate big ideas into practical next steps to implement change
  • Deliver greater value by connecting your focus area to business performance
  • Become part of a rich network of peers who continue to share ideas long after the program is completed

If you participate as a team, you will:

  • Come together around a shared framework and vocabulary, streamlining your process and speeding progress
  • Jointly identify opportunities and obstacles, along with new ways to navigate them
  • Develop a stronger point of view on your strategy through exposure to peers, case studies and benchmarking
  • Ensure that you are up to date on best practices and use of the latest tools and technologies
  • Hone your strategy and together develop a plan for implementation

However you participate, your organization will:

  • Become positioned to adopt best-in-class strategies and practices
  • Gain new tools and ideas for implementing enterprise-wide change
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses, with ideas from leading practitioners on how to fill gaps
  • Avoid potentially costly mistakes by learning from others’ experiences
  • Make faster progress through coaching on what works and what doesn't

Program Highlights:

  • Comprehensive curriculum: Preparatory work, self and organizational assessments, case studies, mentoring and strategy formulation lead to tangible results
  • Peer learning: Both in-person and virtual meetings create a trusting, dynamic environment for open discussion of challenges
  • Coaching: Faculty from leading companies provide each participant with three individual sessions
  • Smart design: In-person meetings, webcasts and coaching allow time to reflect and refine ideas, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Expert resources: Academy members have access to resources of The Conference Board, including advance research and briefings by industry leaders

About the program 


Each curriculum covers preparatory work, self-assessment and organizational readiness assessment, case studies mentoring, and strategy formulation.


Participants meet several times face-to-face over a period of several months. Interactive webcasts reinforce and enhance classroom learning.

Peer Learning

Participants will network and share in the collective knowledge of the group.

Learning Coaches

In additional sessions, faculty from leading companies will mentor participants.

Expert Resources

Expert knowledge from The Conference Board and its global network of top executives will provide insights on pressing and emerging issues.

To talk with us further about how our programs can meet your needs, please contact:

Europe - Academies: Johan Witters at +32 (0) 2 679 50 60 or academieseu@conferenceboard.org
United States - Labs: Fana Tekle at +1 212 339 0210 or fana.tekle@conferenceboard.org

Academies & Labs Inquiry

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For Labs to be held in the US
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