Director, Associate Service, Midwest Region (Chicago Based)

POSITION SUMMARY A consultative sales professional, the Director of Associate Service (DAS) is the overall relationship manager for a $1M portfolio of 40-50 Fortune 500 member companies. Success in the position requires the DAS to possess integrity and openness as well as the ability to discuss global business issues, the stature and presence to engage meaningfully with C Suite executives, the ability to synthesize and articulate to members the value of  The Conference Board’s (TCB) mission and array of offerings; the  ability to collaborate within the organization to expand participation and involvement.

Reporting Relationship

Reports to the SeniorVice President, U.S. Development.  Teams with assigned Member Services Coordinator to achieve territory results.

Principal Direct Activities

  1. Develops and implements plans to achieve revenue targets, which include maintaining and growing $1M+ in existing corporate membership fees for 40-50 members and increasing to Global/Multi-Regional Enterprise Guideline membership status.
  2. Partners with product specialists to sell the entire portfolio of TCB specialized services to member companies including Councils, Research Working Groups, Centers, Experiential Events, Sponsorships, etc.
  3. Develops plans to increase utilization of TCB’s services and implements programs to increase awareness of  TCB services, including economic and business research and peer-to-peer programs,  in order to achieve increased levels of member engagement throughout the members’ organization..
  4. Effectively communicates TCB’s value proposition to senior executives. Projects knowledge, energy and enthusiasm about TCB’s programs and services. Identifies key business issues member companies are facing. Helps senior executives apply TCB products and services to specific business situations in their company.5     Ensures that CEOs and other C-Suite executives of member companies are aware of opportunities to benefit from participation  in TCB programs.
  5. Ensures that the Liaison Executive (LE) and other Key Executives (KE) are effective and appropriate for facilitating the member company’s involvement with TCB. Concurrently, develops additional meaningful relationships with key functional executives within the company.
  6. Provides feedback and input from members on the relevance, quality, value and timeliness of TCB products and services.
  7. Other duties as assigned.

Desired Qualification and Requirements

    • Strong sales track record in selling business services or consulting services.
    • Ability to engage with senior level executives and discuss global business issues.
    • Advanced degree desired.


Doreen Massaroni