Research Analyst, Human Capital

Position Summary:

The Research Analyst will provide statistical, research, analytical and graphical support to the Human Capital Program. Candidate will work closely with Research Director and Research staff as an integral part of the Human Capital team in order to ensure the successful completion of business research projects and specific deliverables.

Reporting Relationship

Reports to the Research Director or, for individual projects, to project leader.  As required, candidate may receive day-to-day work assignments from other members of the Human Capital staff.

Principal Direct Activities

  1. Supports research team by collecting data and information as requested, implement data collection and feed data into databases, managing databases, preparing materials for meetings and documents (statistics, tables, charts, stats, power points), and assisting in report generation, such as finalization of documents, etc., including checking and proof reading.
  2. Takes charge of assigned parts of one or more research projects by doing background research (literature review, analyze other data sets, etc.), developing ways to improve management of data and information, and assisting in developing assigned portion of research reports (e.g. a data brief or quarterly update).
  3. More specifically, the incumbent will be responsible for at least one descriptive analytical piece (examples: literature review, data brief, quarterly updates, etc.)
  4. Incumbent may also be required to develop a quarterly literature review on an area of focus for Human Capital (examples: Strategic Workforce Planning, Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Human Capital Analytics, etc.)
  5. Demonstrates initiative beyond the successful completion of research support in order to foster collaboration, generate new ideas and processes.
  6. Demonstrates understanding of knowledge base in at least one topic area.
  7. Identifies collaborative opportunities for partnerships with internal stakeholders with regard to projects and initiatives.
  8. Provide research support in all phases of the Human Capital Program as assigned.
  9. With the support of the survey team, implement major global surveys including assistance in the development of questionnaires, code, format, construction and verification of sampling plans, process responses, contact of survey participants, and other data collection activities.
  10. Use statistical software package, such as SPSS, to perform statistical analysis of research data, prepare syntax for surveys, input detailed survey information, and interpret data collected through surveys.
  11. Post and input Web-based surveys.
  12. Contribute to the overall Human Capital Program through support of additional projects undertaken by the Research Director, Managing Director, and others; participate in seminars and workshops; and interact with other members of the research staff.
  13. Other duties as assigned.

Desired Qualifications and Requirements

Candidate should be detail-oriented; a responsible independent worker who has the ability to effectively work on many projects simultaneously and meticulously meets deadlines. This position requires a self starter who is dedicated and willing to take initiatives. The candidate must be mature and poised, as this position requires interaction with corporate executives who are members of TCB as well as senior staff of TCB.

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Business Management, Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Human Resources or social sciences preferred with strong academic performance and experience with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Knowledge of a statistical software package, such as SPSS, and experience with survey design and analysis are preferred. Master’s degree with experience in human capital topics, statistics, preparing and giving presentations is a plus.