Recently Completed Research Working Groups

How Teleworking Works Best 
As we see the growth of telework, can we identify ways to use it to positively affect company culture and operational effectiveness?  

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Enhancing Talent Acquisition through Social Media 
How can companies, regardless of size, benefit from the rapidly increasing options to integrate social media into their recruiting practices? 

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Corporate Philanthropy with a Global Footprint
As the worldwide footprint of US business continues to expand, companies face new questions as to what is the proper range and scope of their global philanthropic program.

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 Employee Engagement: What Works Now
As companies face challenging business environments that deeply affect their workforce, what can be learned from results of EE surveys and how can these results be effectively used to guide business in light of the changes in the last 2 or 3 years?

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Generating Value through Internal Social Collaboration
How can organizations leverage their existing internal social collaboration tools to directly increase productivity, reduce costs, accelerate innovation and grow profits?  

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Human Capital Analytics Vol 1 Research Working Group
How can organizations use Human Capital Analytics as a catalyst to change human capital strategy, thereby enhancing HR’s financial and non-financial contribution to the organization?

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Improving Employment Outcomes for Employees with Disabilities
Underwritten in part by a grant from Cornell and the US Department of Education, this research working group will study the strategies and programs that organizations can use to help those with disabilities meet their full employment potential.

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Learning at the Speed of Need
How can a firm bring its best knowledge rapidly to bear on business opportunities faster than the speed of global business?

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Safeguarding Intellectual Property & Preventing Corruption in Global Supply Chains 
Working to explore issues of how to ensure respect for patents and trademarks when establishing global supplier relationships.

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2011 RWG on Improving Employment Outcomes for Employees with Disabilities

"I enjoyed the RWG and found it educational. I was particularly impressed with how The Conference Board was able to bring a wide range of employers and advocates together so that, as one team, we could focus on leveling the playing field for people with disabilities."

Wes Reel, Manager, Specialty Staffing, Waste Management
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