How Teleworking Works Best

Program Commitment, Pricing & Registration

This Working Group will be comprised of 15-20 companies from a diverse range of industries, especially those with a dispersed workforce. Each company will send two executives, and as needed, substitutes are welcome to attend meetings.  Current participants include Senior Managers, Directors and VPs in HR, Facilities & Systems, Organizational Development, and Customer Service Operations.

Time Commitment: Starting in March 12-13, 2013 in New York City, the Group will meet three times in person over the course of five months. These will each be 2-day working sessions, with short, virtual meetings and small group teleconferences in between to continue the Group’s collaboration. The participants typically commit 2-4 hours a month to the project, outside of the in-person meetings.

RWG Participation fee:  $18,000 per company covers all meetings, materials, access to all research and reports. This fee enables two executives to participate from each company, but does not include travel & hotel to in-person meetings. RWGs are only open to member companies of The Conference Board. 

To join or for further information, please contact Daria Lamb, Director of Research Working Groups: or 212-339-0428.



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