Research Working Groups (RWG)

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RWGs bring together executives across industries to address current and emerging business issues. Working with top specialists and thought leaders, participants identify solutions to a critical challenge while developing a wider perspective and deeper knowledge. The result is a comprehensive report designed to shape a platform for enterprise-wide action and impact.  



Future Skilling Current Employees to Meet Your Workforce Needs
Bringing together operations and human capital professionals, this working group will focus on how corporations can plan ahead to train and develop their current employees for new roles so that both the business and employee are well-prepared for future workforce requirements.  This capability will give forward thinking companies the agility and responsiveness to respond to demand and technology shifts, while benefiting from increased employee and community engagement.

  • Made up of Chief Learning Officers, CHROs, Strategic Workforce Planners and members of their teams, this group will identify dynamic opportunities to partner with their current workforce, academic and professional communities and government entities to insure organizational capacity.  

First in-person meeting: June 24-25, 2014 in NYC

Integrating Sustainability into Your Core Business 
How can companies incorporate sustainability into the core business strategy to drive profitability and innovation, mitigate risks, and promote positive impact on society and the environment?

  • This group will examine how Sustainability, CSR, EHS, and Operations executives can partner across silos to identify the opportunities to establish a prominent sustainability presence within an organization and beyond.

First in-person meeting: April 23-24, 2014 in NYC 

Communicating Your Social Impact 
How do corporations authentically and humbly communicate the successes of their social initiatives and investments to their internal and external stakeholders?

  • This group will bring together CSR/philanthropy professionals together with their corporate communications counterparts to address the challenge of designing effective, multi-stakeholder, social investment outreach campaigns.  

First in-person meeting: June 18-19, 2014

2013 RWG on Measuring the Impact of Corporate Social Investments Member Feedback

"We have found great value in connecting with our peers and getting exposure to the industry's subject matter experts through this Working Group. The first meeting alone helped mold our team's 3 year vision for measurement at Target. Additionally, a peer in the group helped us think through how Target uses technology for data collection & reporting. The group's input and examples on shared value helped me craft our exploration of shared value for Target. Overall, we've been thrilled with what we've learned through this RWG."

Mark Muckerheide, Sr. Group Manager, Business Intelligence & Communications, Target Corporation


• Strategic Business Forecasting: Looking Ahead

• Governance Policies for the Use of Social Media by Senior Executives and Board Members

• Human Capital Analytics: “Best Practice” Case Studies

• Addressing Unconscious Bias

• Defining and Enabling Innovation in Asia Pacific regions

• Evolving Workplace Policies: What to Change and How

• Reputational Risk and Corporate Intellectual Property

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