United States/Global

  1. 09 September, 2014 03:00 PM EST [15:00]

This monthly webcast provides the latest insights from TCB’s Economics Team for the U.S. economy, including the short –term growth forecasts for consumption, investment, labor markets and the aggregate GDP growth.

As a special topic, this month’s Economics Watch focuses on declining unemployment rates and evolving labor shortages.


  1. 10 September, 2014 09:00 AM EST [09:00], 03:00 PM CET [15:00]

This monthly webcast provides the latest insights from TCB's Economics Team for the Euro Zone, as well as the outlook for several of the larger European economies.

Special focus will be on future labor shortages in Europe. We will look at what countries will see the highest risk of shortages in the coming decade and which occupations will likely be the most affected. Besides this, comparisons with the United States will be made. Solutions to mitigate the shortages will be discussed, such as productivity improvements and migration, as well as the impact of shortages on the corporate bottom line.

Emerging Markets

  1. 11 September, 2014 10:00 AM EST [10:00]

This monthly webcast (upgraded from a quarterly to a monthly webcast) provides the latest insights from TCB’s Economics Team on the growth performance of major emerging markets, especially the outlook for China, India, Brazil and Mexico as well as Southeast Asia.

The special focus of this webcast will be on intangible investment in China. Intangible assets drive innovation and contribute much to a country’s competitive edge in the economy. China’s intangible investment share of GDP has risen swiftly over the past two decades, but despite the substantial top-line growth, it appears that overall spending on intangibles in China has largely been policy driven. In September’s Emerging Markets webcast, we will examine China’s intangible investment patterns, efficiency, and competitiveness compare to other countries.

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