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The retirement of baby boomers will have a dramatic impact on the job market in the coming decade. This webcast will touch on which advanced economies will see the most dramatic impact, the occupations that are most likely to be affected, and how this will affect competitiveness of different countries. It will also look at how quickly job markets are tightening at the moment, and when a return to faster wage growth can be expected.

Key learnings 

  • Insights into the impact of retiring baby boomers on the labor market in advanced economies.
  • A look into how the difficulty to find the right talent will develop in the coming decade.
  • Insights into what this will mean for wage growth, profits, and attrition rates.


Bert Colijn

Bert Colijn
Senior Economist, Europe
The Conference Board

Bert Colijn is a senior economist that focuses on the European market. He works on the European Commission FP7 project NEUJOBS, focusing on productivity and economic growth in Europe in 2025. Besides this, he works on developing European indicator... Full Bio

Gad Levanon, Ph.D.

Gad Levanon, Ph.D. (Moderator)
Director of Macroeconomic Research
The Conference Board

Gad Levanon is director of macroeconomic research at The Conference Board, where he also leads the labor markets program. He also serves on The Demand Institute™ leadership team.

Levanon created ... Full Bio


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