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05 March, 2014 | (01 hr)

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We hear all the time about the next cyber revolution or what some have called “the
internet of things.” In this new environment, many everyday objects will become “smart” through embedded chips that will communicate with one another. What we hear less about are the new cyber security risks present in these devices or strategies to manage them in real life. This webcast will examine risks lurking in this brave new world and suggest some approaches to gaining commercial advantage without risking the enterprise in the process.


Duncan Hine

Duncan Hine
Principal Fellow in Cyber Security
University Of Warwick UK
Council Director, Council on Innovation
The Conference Board

Duncan is an engineer with a PhD in electronics. He has always had a joint interest in innovation and security. He established the innovation programme at The Post Office in the UK when he was CTO. He then floated an innovation consultancy and bus... Full Bio

Marcel Bucsescu

Marcel Bucsescu (Moderator)
Assistant Director, Governance Center
The Conference Board

Marcel Bucsescu is assistant director of The Conference Board Governance Center. In this role, he oversees all Center programs and leads several key efforts, including The Conference Board Committee on Corporate Political Spending and The Conferen... Full Bio


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