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11 April, 2013 | (01 hr)

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There is increasing pressure for greater shareholder engagement in the U.S., the U.K., throughout Continental Europe (reinforced by recent proposals by the European Commission) as well as in India (reinforced by recent SEBI proposals). Part I of this webcast series, which focused on procedures for companies and shareholders to conduct director/shareholder engagement, is followed by Part II, which focuses on the issues suitable for discussion between shareholders and directors/chairmen versus those issues normally discussed between investors and management.

As with the procedures for shareholder engagement with directors/chairmen, discussed in the first webcast, both the processes and the issues to be discussed must be informed by knowledge of the investor base.  This includes the fact that investors vary significantly in their characteristics (public or governmental pension funds, corporate pension funds, insurance investment arms, mutual funds, hedge funds, etc.) as well as in their objectives and methods of communication.  For example, some investors embrace the U.K. Stewardship Code which provides an (evolving) engagement structure, while others are more individualistic in their director/shareholder engagement strategies. 

To listen to the recording of Part 1 also, click HERE.


Who should attend:

Chairmen, Non-Executive Directors, Executive Directors, CEOs,  Chief Legal Counsel, Corporate Secretaries, Corporate Governance Officers, Secretaries to Boards of Directors, Risk Officers, Human Relations Executives, Investor Relations Executives, Institutional Investors


John C. Wilcox

John C. Wilcox
Sodali, Ltd.

John C. Wilcox is chairman of Sodali Ltd, a global consultancy providing companies and boards with services relating to corporate governance, shareholder relations, corporate actions and the capital markets. From 2005 to 2008 he served as senior v... Full Bio

Guy Jubb

Guy Jubb
Head of Governance & Stewardship
Standard Life Investments Ltd

Guy has a career spanning merchant banking, corporate finance, venture capital and fund management in London, New York and his hometown of Edinburgh. Before taking up his present role, Guy was Head of Standard Life Investments’ Smaller Compa... Full Bio

Dr. Carolyn Kay Brancato

Dr. Carolyn Kay Brancato (Moderator)
Council Director & Academy Director
The Conference Board

Dr. Carolyn Kay Brancato has more than 30 years experience in various aspects of corporate finance, regulatory economics and corporate governance. In 1993 she founded The Conference Board’s Global Corporate Governance Research Center and in ... Full Bio


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