Leveraging Employee Engagement Data to Drive Business Impact

13 August, 2014 Leveraging Employee Engagement Data to Drive Business Impact
The Conference Board Conference Center 
New York, NY

In this full day seminar (9:00am - 5:00pm) hosted by The Engagement InstituteTM, Dr. Patrick Hyland, director of R&D at Sirota and Dr. David Dye, partner at Deloitte Consulting will lead a comprehensive discussion on linking employee engagement data with critical organizational performance outcomes.  During this facilitated discussion, we will:

  • Discuss aligning employee engagement with an organization’s strategic vision and goals/objectives
  • Highlight the importance of planning for linkage analysis at the outset of the data collection phase
  • Outline the steps to effectively conduct linkage analysis
  • Discuss interpretation of the analyses results to identify improvement opportunities

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