Bringing the benefits of membership in The Conference Board to mid-sized companies.

For senior executives at hundreds of mid-sized firms, a corporate membership in The Conference Board provides multiple opportunities to learn from peers while developing business relationships with companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Special benefits designed exclusively for the mid-market community include conference discounts, research reports, access to our Members Only website, compensation studies, topics such as The Maturing Workforce, Leadership Development, Executive Compensation and CEO Challenges .

Another key benefit available to mid-market members is participation in the Councils created specifically for mid-market leaders. These include the Executive Council for CEOs and Presidents of Mid-Market Firms (founded in 1966) and the Mid-Market Human Resources Council.

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Peer Networks

  • Council for Mid-Market Human Resources Executives

    HR executives in mid-market and not-for-profit organizations are required to function both operationally and strategically. In these candid and confidential meetings members gain a broader perspective and shared experiences for unique issues in this role.

  • Council for CEOs and Presidents

    This Council is exclusively for CEOs and COOs of mid market companies. Members meet to discuss issues related to corporate strategy, change management, mergers & acquisitions, succession planning, CEO/board relationships, and economic trends.


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  • 06 January, 2015 03:00 PM EST [15:00]
    The Un-Bossy Boss and Your Brand
    Discover the 12 Powerful Questions that help turn traditional manager/employee relationships into something greater and more impactful for the business.
  • 08 January, 2015 03:00 PM EST [15:00]
    Finding Breakthroughs in Performance Management
    Improve the effectiveness of performance conversations through the application of ground breaking neuroscience research. Explore implications for your performance management system.

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