Strategic Workforce Planning Quarterly (Vol 3 Q1, 2011)

  • Authors:
    Lara Rosner
  • Publication Date:
    April 2011
  • Report Number:

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This publication explores hot topics within strategic workforce planning research by providing actionable summaries of contemporary literature. The summaries in this issue discuss the following topics:

  • Regional human capital risk
  • Global talent shortages
  • SWP application in selecting government employees
  • Three practices that separate those that use SWP effectively
  • The heart of the global growth agenda: talent and performance
  • Seven responses to global talent risk
  • Four basic steps to getting started with people data
  • The six criteria of best-in-class business intelligence
  • Trends in human capital research
  • Statistical analysis at Alliant Techsystems
  • The effects of senior executive retirement on leadership quality


Strategic Workforce Planning in Review (14 pgs)
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  • Human Capital
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