Watch this short video to learn how The Conference Board can help your entire organization move forward more effectively in a rapidly changing world.

At The Conference Board, our unbiased expertise, executives’ experiences, and our peer networks combine to create a unique, enterprise-wide perspective.

Membership in The Conference Board allows you, your team, and other colleagues throughout your organization to benefit from our global range of products and services, helping you to:

  • Get fresh, actionable ideas from expert research and from peer dialogues within and across industries
  • Understand regional and global operating environments
  • Keep in step with global best practices
  • Make better business decisions
  • Contribute more effectively to corporate strategy, performance, and citizenship

To find out more about membership in The Conference Board, contact:

United States (New York)
Tel: +1 212 339 0230

Europe (Brussels)
Tel: +32 2 675 54 05

Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong) 
Tel: +852 2804 1000

South Asia (Mumbai)
Tel: +91 9987548045

China  (Beijing)
Tel: +86-10-8532-4688

Office Locations


The Conference Board, Inc.
845 Third Avenue
New York, New York 10022-6600
United States
Tel: +1 212 759 0900
Customer Service: +1 212 339 0345

Chaussée de La Hulpe 178 -
6th floor
B-1170 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32-2-675-5405

Asia Pacific
22-81 The Central
8 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059818
Tel: +65 6325 3121

Room 1213, 12/F, Tai Yau Building
181 Johnston Road
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2804 1000

South Asia
A-701 Mahalaxmi Heights Keshavrao Khadye Marg Mahalaxmi (East) Mumbai 400 011 India
Tel: +91 22 23051402

Beijing Representative Office
7-2-72 Qijiayuan, 9 Jianwai Street
Beijing 100600 P.R. China
Tel: +86 10 8532 4688

The Conference Board of Canada*
255 Smyth Road
Ottawa ON K1H 8M7
Tel: +1 866 711 2262

*The Conference Board of Canada is an affiliated but independent operation from The Conference Board, Inc.

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