Gettysburg Leadership Program Agenda

 Day One

 Executive Teams - Peace Memorial

  • Challenges and actions in forming aligned, high-performance executive teams

 Day Two

 Actions based on Strategic Intent - McPherson Ridge

  • Two Level Principle  -  create vertical alignment around strategic intent
  • Evolving from “tactical leaders who think strategically” to ”strategic leaders who act tactically.”

 Disruptive Innovation- East Cemetery Hill

  • Identify the potential disruptive innovations that could affect your leadership

 Character based leadership - Little Round Top

  • Building character, style and substance to define your leadership

 Influencing Superior's Decisions - Virginia Memorial

  • Identify the limits of dissent in your organization
  • Describe how subordinates and superiors can best manage differences

 Using Leadership's Vision to drive action - Gettysburg National Cemetery

  • How do leaders use significant events to reinforce commitment and culture development

 Applying Your Learning - the After Action Review


  • Human Capital
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