Team USA Leadership Program Agenda

The Team USA Leadership Development Experience introduces your organization’s team to the world of high performing teams and individuals.

For a custom team session, the program will be tailored to your team or organization’s unique needs.  Based on your needs, we develop a program connecting your challenges with the key learning and leadership lessons from the Program

Custom designed and tailored programs may include:

  • Interaction with performance thought leaders and sports scientists which may include Sports Psychologists, Physiologists and Nutritionists for Team USA.
  • Participation in an active sports experience that will give your team a taste of Olympic or Paralympic performance, as well as the dynamics of team engagement.
  • Discussion with team leaders and coaches who are responsible for maintaining and advancing Team USA’s legendary record of high performance.
  • Integration of stories and case studies that give your team an insider’s view of how coaches and athletes have lead through some of the most compelling moments in modern Olympic and Paralympic history.
  • Connections that will link the lessons of high performance to your team’s situation and result in actionable steps for improvement.


Standard Program Agenda

(final program agenda to be customized based on client needs)

Day One

5:00 pm Program start

U.S. Olympic Training Center

Opening Ceremonies

  • Privileged “insiders” perspective of the USOC organization; “the team behind the Team.”
  • An introduction to the key themes of the program:
    • Creating cultures of high performance
    • Building organizational and individual resilience
    • Strategic coaching for “A” players
    • The Olympic Symbols:  Creating enrollment and engagement

Day Two

U.S. Olympic Training Center

  • Introduction to the Training Center culture
  • “The Team behind the Team”

 Individual Sports Experience (such as USA Shooting with a  medal-winning coach)

  • New insights into coaching and feedback – from medal-winning coaches The mental game: lessons in mindfulness, focus and cognitive resilience
  • Alternative approaches to hitting the target: Process versus goal orientation

 Tour of Facility

  • A systemic view of a high-performance organization, with connections to your organization’s culture and systems of support


  • Behind the scenes at the U.S. Olympic Training Center Athlete Residence Complex.

Case Study: (such as Women’s Water Polo at London 2012, presented by a sport psychologist)

  • An insider’s look at moments in modern Olympic and Paralympic history
  • Staying centered under pressure, organizational resilience and clarity of  purpose

Team Sports Experience (such as Paralympic Sitting Volleyball, coached by an Olympic or Paralympic athlete or coach)

  • An active experience led by medal-winning athletes & legendary coaches. Lessons in leveling the playing field
  • Managing personal vulnerability and shared accountability
  • Impact of a team leader/coach on team cohesion

 Full group debrief

  • Facilitated conversation that connects insights to your organization/team?

 Dinner with the athletes in Colorado Springs

  • Dine side-by-side with Olympic and Paralympic athletes – medaled, and hopefuls.
  • Opportunities to hear intimate accounts of training and performance from the athletes.

Day Three

U.S. Olympic Training Center

Case Study in performance and innovation (such as meeting with Paralympic Coach of the Year from USA Swimming)

  • Leadership succession and the “encore” problem
  • Individual  and team resilience
  • Cycles of performance and recovery
  • Innovation in team building and individual improvement

 Debrief: "The Game Plan"

  • Facilitated conversation that brings the whole experience together: Defining relevant and actionable next steps
  • A memorable close to the experience?

1:00 pm Program End


*Program details and modules are subject to change.

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