The Conference Board Innovation Experience is a custom-designed executive team program in which participants learn to translate insights and emerging trends into actionable strategies for business process improvement.  Cutting-edge ideas lead to new approaches that can help organizations increase revenue.

Management teams heighten their external focus by developing a deeper understanding of how their strategies, culture and operations compare to other organizations through benchmarking with “best in class” companies. Teams also have the opportunity to build external partnerships and improve internal collaborative skills through discussion and idea sharing.

Led by expert facilitators, the program includes site visits to companies that are known for their innovative practices, as well as in-depth sessions with top executives from those companies.

Topics that may be included in this immersive and collaborative custom program:

  • Driving innovation to gain global competitive advantage
  • Creating traditional and nontraditional alliances
  • Improving internal relationships within a framework designed to spark collaboration
  • Processes for growing your business using innovation to create new paradigms and business models
  • External trends that will affect short-, mid-, and long-range strategic planning

Find out how we'll build an Innovation Experience for your organization.

To learn more about customizing an Innovation Experience for your organization, contact Amanda Harmon at +1 212 339 0256 or Jeff Jackson at +1 212 339 0380 or


To learn more about the Innovation Experience, download the one-sheet below.

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