About The Corporate Governance Academy

Academy Cohort B, 2015
June, 25-26

Unsettled times, increased oversight, and blurred boundaries only add to the complexity of governance, especially in global companies. But there is an emerging consensus on best practices in corporate governance in the UK and continental European firms.

The Conference Board Governance Academy is designed to swiftly immerse practitioners in those best practices, as well as acquaint them with latest developments in the field.

Small classes, personal mentors, and face-to-face and virtual meetings over several months will
help governance professionals enhance their strategic roles in this rapidly evolving field.

Participants in this program examine areas of importance from audit and enterprise risk management to ethics and fraud prevention and shareowner communications in unsettled global equity markets. Sessions include:

  • Competencies in Governance: Understanding where you and your team stand 
  • Strategy: Understanding governance in the organizational context 
  • How to Effectively Integrate Governance into other Functions (Strategy, IR, Risk, Audit, Legal etc)
  • The Skill of Influencing: Helping your leaders understand governance 
  • Barriers to Success: What might trip you up 
  • The Future Role of Governance

Benefits of attending

Participants develop models and a personal action plan to implement on completion of the program. They develop the skills to:

  • Increase awareness of critical developments in the field—in individual countries, throughout Europe, and globally 
  • Implement relevant strategies and tips shared from seasoned governance practitioners from high-profile companies 
  • Gain a holistic view of corporate governance 
  • Influence executives (IR, Risk, Audit, etc) who are central to corporate governance strategy
  • Provide one-on-one advice on your key governance challenges from experts and practitioners

Who should attend?

  • Corporate secretaries/officers and their deputies
  • Deputy and /or assistant company secretaries
  • Legal counsel dealing with governance, strategy. mergers and acquisitions, etc
  • Compliance and legal experts and their deputies
  • Members of the entire governance team (i.e. HR, Legal, CFO, Audit, Risk, IR, Sustainability, etc.).      

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