What does the change in energy prices mean for growth prospects around the world?

KBI Energy and Global Growth  

What do today’s volatile energy prices mean for growth—and for your company? Looking at three short-term and medium-term pricing scenarios (“stabilization” at US$ 40-75 per barrel; “recovery” beyond US$ 75; or “collapse” at US$ 40 or less), this report examines the factors that affect outcomes across the economy. What are the signposts to help companies respond to evolving consumer preferences, to potential changes in business models and to employee staffing decisions? Our scenarios model potential answers that can lower your risk and enhance your strategies for navigating this roller-coaster world.

We're working on this research now and plan to release the report in April, 2015.

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Navigating Changing Oil Prices 
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Navigating Changing Oil Prices- On Demand

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