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Transforming Our Aspirations: From ‘Less Bad’ to ‘More Good’
Kevin Moss, Head of Net Good Program, BT

Maintaining a Sustainable Supply Chain to Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Environmental Impact
Jeff Senne, Corporate Responsibility Operations Leader, PwC
T.C. Redd, Manager, Sustainability, General Merchandise, Wal-Mart
Kim Jeffery, Chairman, Nestle Waters North America
Louis Ferretti, Project Executive, IBM

Partnerships for a Sustainable City from Scratch
Andrew MacLeod, Author, Life Half Lived

Utilizing a Market Driven Sustainability Model
James Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Verizon

Reducing Environmental Footprints through Extended Producer Responsibility
Kim Jeffery, Chairman, Nestle Waters North America


Run Time: approx. 116 minutes


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