23 June, 2015  — Workshop I: Reinventing Performance Management through Neuroscience
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24 June, 2015  — Workshop II: Performance Management: Best Practices for Optimal Business Results
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23 June, 2015

Performance Management continues to be one of the most challenging activities, with many companies losing a whole quarter of productivity at review time. The emphasis continues to be on technology and measurement solutions, instead of tackling the challenge where it is hardest: changing the mindset and the quality of conversations.

Join David Rock, Director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, along with guest presenters for an interactive experience to help you significantly improve the effectiveness of your performance programs, or even develop a whole new strategy for managing performance.

The seminar draws on new research from neuroscience outlining why any kind of feedback process is so challenging, and how to do it better. We will cover issues including:

  • How to “brand” performance management in your organization
  • How to develop the right mindset within managers and their employees about performance
  • New insights for how to shift the quality of conversations
  • How to go from an annual to an “all the time” feedback model
  • Understanding the various types of feedback interventions
  • What and how to best measure to maximize new habits in managers
  • Low cost ways of embedding new habits in managers
  • Interactive Knowledge Sharing with Executive Level Human Capital Practitioners

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