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Scheduled Speakers 23 - 24 October, 2014

Peter Hawthorne, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development,

Steve Twait, Senior Director, Alliance Management and M&A Integration,
Eli Lilly And Company

Raul R. Montes, Manager, Intellectual Property & Licensing,
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

David Caplan, Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell

Theresa Garcia, Senior Organization Development Advisor,
The Boeing Company

Brian Buchert, Director, Corporate Strategy and M&A,
Church & Dwight

Professor Paul Beamish, Canada Research Chair in
International Management, Ivey School Of Business,
University Of Western Ontario

Robert Uhlaner
McKinsey & Company

William Mcgrew, Portfolio Manager, Global Governance,
CalPERS Investments

Nigel Smith, Partner, Transaction Services,
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

William Striebe, Vice President, Business Development,
UTC Building & Industrial Systems

Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, Founder/Ceo, Potentio.US
Dr. Gad Levanon, Director, Macroeconomic & Labor Markets,
The Conference Board

Professor David Beatty, Conway Chair of the Clarkson Centre for
Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness, Rotman School of Management,
University Of Toronto

Joe Cyriac, Expert Principal
McKinsey & Company

Jason Roswig
McKinsey & Company

William Striebe, Vice President, Business Development,
UTC Building & Industrial Systems

Eileen Kelly Rinaudo, Senior Expert in Transactions
McKinsey & Company

Clay Phillips, Former Director, Intelligence, Alliance Strategy and Global Planning

Ray Bierzynski, Former Executive Vice President

Bob Pick, Senior VP, Corporate Development

Marc Williams, Partner Corporate M&A,
Davis Polk & Wardwell, Neil Barr, Partner, Tax, Davis Polk & Wardwell

Dr. Gad Levanon, Director, Macroeconomics & Labor Markets
The Conference Board

Lance Robinson, Global M&A Controller

Marc Mascola, Assistant Corporate Controller

Patrick Charmel, CEO
Griffin Hospital

Moni Myashita, Senior Advisor, McKinsey and Company, Former Vice President M&A Strategy

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