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08 - 09 May, 2014

When it comes to effective executive compensation programs, achieving and demonstrating pay for performance alignment is critical. Each company needs to develop a clear and detailed understanding and acceptance of what senior executives really earn and how and why they earn it.  Attend this conference to:

  • ENGAGE in discussions on assessing pay/performance
    relationships and balancing external expectations of good
    governance, investor expectations and concerns and sound
    business strategy
  • LEARN the latest in developments, techniques and enduring
    principles for providing effective compensation to senior
  • CONNECT with leading directors, senior executives and investors
    on practical guidance and actionable ideas for best practices in
    achieving and demonstrating pay for performance alignment

Who Should Attend
Compensation Committee Members and Senior Executives who are accountable to shareholders of corporations, senior HR and Legal executives and executive compensation directors who are accountable to senior management, compensation committees  and shareholders of public corporations

Day One of Conference

Registration and continental breakfast 8–9 am
Welcome and introductory remarks 9–9:15 am

Greg Lau, Program Director, The Conference Board

A 9:15 –10:00am
Where are we now? Where are we going?

The current executive compensation climate in recent years has been driven by company efforts to attract and retain top talent, investor concerns regarding the relationship between pay and shareholder returns, and legislative and regulatory responses to concerns about corporate governance and the 2008-2009 financial sector meltdown.  Further, the adoption of Say on Pay has resulted in an intense external focus on all of our executive compensation policies and practices.  As companies continue to enhance their pay practices through target pay level setting and better pay and performance alignment, new dimensions are continually being added to the equation, most recently the proposed pay ratio rules, evidence of a public concern with income inequality.  As Boards deal with each of these very real and pressing issues, we are beginning to see a return to the basics which have sometimes been forgotten in the pursuit of market “competitiveness” and investor approval—how do we best design our compensation program to support attracting and retaining the management team we need for the long term while properly motivating them to drive our business strategies successfully.  The Conference will focus on dealing with the pressing issues of managing pay in an increasingly complex regulatory and disclosure environment, and will also provide ideas for the future direction of connecting pay programs to executive talent management and longer term business strategy.

David Swinford, President and CEO – Pearl Meyer Partners

B 10:00–10:45am
The CEO Pay Ratio Requirement

• What it is and how compensation committees should respond.

• The new disclosure requirements.  The possible effect on director legal duties.

• How companies should craft their disclosure to most effectively explain their pay ratio to shareholders and other constituents.

• The collateral effects of the new disclosure - will lead to a reformulation of how executive pay is designed?  Will it cause a reassessment of the peer group benchmarking process?


Professor Charles M. Elson - University of Delaware, John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance
Craig K. Ferrere - Edgar S. Woolard, Jr., Research Fellow - University of Delaware

10:45–11:00am - Networking refreshment break

C 11:00-11:45am

The 2014 Proxy Season – A Mid-Season Recap

• Shareholder proposals

• Say-on-Pay results

Aaron Boyd, Director, Governance Research – Equilar, Inc.
Patrick McGurn, Special Counsel – ISS (invited)

D 11:45 –12:45pm
Investors’ Concerns

• Listen to investors and other market participants

• Proxies, SOP, Equity Proposals

• Voting on Compensation Committee members

Dave Chun, CEO and Founder – Equilar, Inc.
Bob Schifellite, President, Investor Communications Solutions - Broadridge

12:45–2:00pm - Networking luncheon

Fiduciary Duties and Executive Compensation
Honorable Myron Steele, retired Chief Justice - Supreme Court of Delaware

E 2:00– 3:00pm

Telling your compensation story in the Proxy Statement

• Current disclosure issues in the CD&A and the compensation tables

• The rise of supplemental pay disclosure

• Stockholder engagement – When and what to do

• Selling Say on Pay – lessons learned

Mark Borges, Principal - Compensia
Arthur Kohn,Partner - Cleary Gottlieb Stern & Hamilton LLP
Frank Glassner, Chief Executive Officer- Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants 
Linda E. Rappaport, Partner - Sherman & Sterling LLP 
Abe M. Friedman, Managing Partner - CamberView Partners

F 3:00–4:00pm

Ask the Experts

• Legal – Arthur Kohn, Partner - Cleary Gottlieb Stern & Hamilton LLP

• SEC – Mark Borges, Principal - Compensia

• Compensation Committee Governance - Frank Glassner, Chief Executive Officer, Veritas Executive Compensation Consultant

• Corporate Governance/Taxation - Linda E. Rappaport, Partner, Sherman & Sterling LLP

• Corporate Governance/Investor Outreach - Abe M. Friedman, Managing Partner - CamberView Partner

G 4:15–5:15pm
Aligning Pay with Performance

Boards and management continue to strive to insure their executive compensation programs are delivering value for the “right” performance.  This panel discussion will provide perspectives on how to appropriately set performance targets, insure programs are aligned with the company’s strategy and deliver value when we perform.  We will discuss how to design programs that effectively balance the need to have a strong performance orientation while being able to attract and retain talent all in the light of good governance. 

Dan Laddin, Partner - Compensation Advisory Partners
Brit Wittman, Director, Executive Compensation – Intel Corporation

5:15 – 5.30pm – First Day wrap up

• Summarizing what we heard

• Identifying any issues participants would like to discuss further 

5.30pm – 6.45pm – Networking Reception

Day Two of Conference – May 9, 2014

I 8:00–9:00am

Roundtable Breakfast Session

During this session, you will have the opportunity to sit at professionally facilitated discussion tables to brainstorm over breakfast on the topic of your choice, selected based upon the results of an attendee poll, taken on the first day of the conference.

9:00-9:15am - Welcome back and Roundtable Re-Cap
Greg Lau, Program Director - The Conference Board 

J 9:15–10:15am
Long-Term Incentive Compensation

• Difference in issues for cash/equity programs

• Selecting the “right” mix/vehicles

John D. England, Managing Partner - Pay Governance LLC

10:15-10:30am - Networking refreshment break 

K 10:30–11:30am

The Future – Look to the East

• Positioning your Pay Program for 2015 and Beyond

• A look at global executive compensation trends that could impact the United States

• Talent development and Board oversight 

Steve Hall, Managing Partner, Steven Hall Partners 
Nina Henderson,Director of CNO Financial Group and Walter Energy and Regus plc (effective May 20, 2014)

l 11:30 – 12:15pm
What would you like to ask?

• Panel of Consultants, CHROS and Compensation Experts, Compensation Committee Member

Steve Hall, Managing Partner -Steven Hall Partners
Nina Henderson,Director - CNO Financial Group and Walter Energy and Regus plc (effective May 20, 2014)
Frank Glassner, Chief Executive Officer, Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants

12:15 – 12:30pm - Wrap up
Conference adjourns 12:30 pm

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