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Vipin Suri

Program Director
The Conference Board Managing Director
Shared Services International Inc.

Vipin Suri

Vipin Suri has served as Managing Director of Shared Services International since its establishment in July 2003. As a consulting alliance partner of The Amherst Group Limited he has successfully assisted a number of companies in the Asia-Pacific Region and North America with their efforts to implement Shared Services and deploy necessary management practices. He has also conducted Business Health Checks for several Shared Services groups. His areas of expertise include: finance, accounting, human resources, procurement, real estate & facilities management, information technology, environment, health & safety, corporate services, strategic sourcing, mergers & acquisitions, electricity distribution, business process re-engineering, outsourcing, service quality, organizational change management, audit, comptrollership, customer service and sales. Prior to becoming a management consultant in 2002, Vipin was Vice President, Shared Business Services, Australia and Americas for BHP Billiton Limited, one of the largest natural resources company in the world.

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