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Steven E. Hall

Managing Director
Steven Hall & Partners

Steven E. Hall

Steven Hall is a founding Partner and Managing Director of Steven Hall & Partners.  He has consulted for more than 30 years with senior management and Board Compensation Committees in planning and implementation of senior executive compensation programs and incentives for corporations, subsidiaries, business units, spins and divestitures. 

His strong technical background in tax, accounting and finance is of major importance in the design of innovative remuneration programs.  Mr. Hall personally leads Steven Hall & Partners’ practice among global corporations.  He also serves as expert witness and consults with corporations and law firms on litigation matters.

Mr. Hall is a member of the faculty of the National Association of Corporate Directors where he teaches courses related to executive and director compensation and best practices in compensation committee governance.  A frequent speaker on issues related to compensation and governance, he is also the co-author of the book Executive Compensation Best Practices and has been identified by The Directorship Institute as a Top 100 Influential in Corporate Governance for the last three years.  Additionally, he is frequently quoted in notable publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fortune, and BusinessWeek and has been interviewed on Good Morning America, ABC’s World News, CNBC, Fox Business and National Public Radio. 

Mr. Hall holds a B.A. in Economics, an M.B.A. in Accounting.  His prior experience was with Pearl Meyer & Partners as President and co-founder, Ernst & Young, Handy Associates and as Chief Financial Officer of two private firms.