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Nicholas Sutcliffe

Executive Director, Asia-Pacific

Nicholas Sutcliffe

Nicholas Sutcliffe is the executive director of The Conference Board for Asia-Pacifi c. He is responsible for the strategic development and growth of The Conference Board operations within the region and also shares responsibility for enhancing the organization’s stature and reputation as a relevant, objective, and ethical institution serving business and society.

Having worked in Asia since 1994, Sutcliffe has gained a deep understanding of both the cultural and social issues that affect the region. He has a passionate interest in Chinese and Indian business relations and cultural drivers, and he has been published in newspapers as diverse as South China Morning Post and Hindustan Times.

Prior to joining The Conference Board, Sutcliffe was responsible for establishing a knowledge processing outsourcing center in India for a UK-based media company. As the leader of all key activities, he established a 300-strong research center that focused on business operations and strategies across seven vertical industries. Sutcliffe has an extensive track record in global media solutions and research for C-suite executives and has worked throughout Asia, the Middle East, India, North America, and Europe.

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