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Sabine Schumann

Deputy Managing Director
P.A.U. Education

Sabine Schumann

Sabine Schumann is Deputy Managing Director at PAU Education, a company with 65 employees from 20 countries, that provides strategic consulting and integrated services of project management in the areas of education, innovation and social development. PAU designs and develops international communication campaigns, stakeholder engagement platforms and community based participative projects. Main clients are the European Commission, multinational companies, international institutions and foundations. 

In 2012 Sabine managed for the European Commission the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. The main goal was to raise awareness of the positive contribution that our elderly make to society. By bringing together relevant policymakers and stakeholders, the efforts focused on the creation of better opportunities for active ageing in three main areas: employment, participation in society and independent living. More than 100 events along all EU Member States and a European Awards scheme were organized, as well as engaging the stakeholders online. 

Sabine is a senior Manager with broad experience in knowledge management, social innovation, programs for top-level executives, Corporate Social Responsibility, community and stakeholder engagement programmes including private/public partnerships and managing professional networks with a solid and diverse international Marketing, Advertising and general Management background. She is coordinating international teams and intercultural projects since 1996.