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Mary B. Young, D.B.A.

Principal Researcher, Human Capital
The Conference Board

Mary B. Young, D.B.A.

Mary B. Young is principal researcher in human capital at The Conference Board.

Young leads The Conference Board program of research on strategic workforce planning (SWP). Trained in organizational behavior and organizational development, she has studied strategic workforce planning’s emergence and evolution as a business process in more than 70 companies. Drawing upon her skills as a long-time journalist, she has completed numerous in-depth case studies describing how companies implement SWP and has presented her research fi ndings at corporate meetings in the North America, Asia-Pacifi c, and Europe.

Her research on SWP is available in twenty research publications from The Conference Board, including: Scenario Planning for Human Resources and Strategic Workforce Planning (2014), Addressing National Talent Shortages (2013), Bringing Contingent Workers inside the SWP Tent (2013), Strategic Workforce Planning across National Borders (2012), Managing Human Capital Risk (2011), Strategic Workforce Planning in Global Organizations (2009), Implementing Strategic Workforce Planning (2009), Gray Skies, Silver Linings: How Companies Are Forecasting, Managing and Recruiting a Mature Workforce (2007), and Strategic Workforce Planning (2006). Young is the author of numerous Executive Action Reports on global human capital issues.

Young’s research on human resource issues has been cited in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, USA Today, Time, Business Week, and National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. With more than 20 years’ experience in organizational research, she has produced studies for the Center for Organizational Research, the Human Resources Policy Institute, the Work/Family Roundtable, the National League for Nursing, the International Association for Public Management—Human Resources, the American Public Power Association, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She received her doctorate in organizational behavior from Boston University’s Graduate School of Management. She earned an MEd in organizational development at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a BA in English from Case Western Reserve University.

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