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Maddie Hamill

Managing Director

Maddie Hamill

Maddie Hamill is a Managing Director of Venadar LLC. Prior to her founding of Venadar, she served as the Managing Partner of a strategy consulting firm and was a senior executive of The Coca-Cola Company responsible for creating and implementing the global strategy in 188 countries. Maddie has worked globally and in Europe in multiple disciplines, gaining unique insights into the needs of global corporations. Her diverse background includes positions as marketer, media strategist and research scientist. Maddie grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the middle of conflict and distraction. There she learned unconventional methods to drive change and achieve objectives by deftly navigating bureaucracies and institutional inertia.

Her reputation as a strategic visionary who can identify opportunities and create executable action plans that deliver measurable results has led to a successful consulting practice with Fortune 500 companies. Throughout her career, Maddie has a track record of bringing people and organizations together to create new high-impact business success.

Maddie uses a “virtual team model” to transform organizational effectiveness by bringing together people from diverse functions and geographies. In her role as VP of Worldwide Strategic Planning at The Coca-Cola Company, she co-created a five-year plan and developed a business planning process to align countries and corporate functions to implement the strategic plan. This process helped The Coca-Cola Company move from no growth in 2000 to 10% growth in 2002. Maddie had similar success at Northern Ireland’s Department of Agriculture when she brought together academics and professionals from the textile and agricultural industries to address complex issues arising from the development of new varieties of plants and crops.

Maddie holds a PhD from Queens University in Belfast. She is a member of the Society of International Business Fellows, an entrepreneurial group of senior business leaders that operates internationally. Maddie served on the boards of World Air Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WLDA), Holy Innocents' Episcopal School and the Board of the Georgia Council of International Visitors. As the strategic planning chair for World Air Holdings, she oversaw the creation of a plan that led to WAH being acquired at a 50% premium to its share price.

She recently served as the Vice Chair of the Brand Atlanta marketing campaign, which was a joint initiative by public and private enterprise to support the Mayor's plan for economic growth. She has been featured in Fortune Magazineand on BBC radio as well as Good Morning America. She and her husband, Paul Hamill, and their twins, Sarah and Connor live in Atlanta.