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June Shelp

Vice President, The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine®

June Shelp

June Shelp is a vice president at The Conference Board. She developed and manages The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine® (HWOL) data series, which is the only nationally recognized economic data series published monthly on labor demand. The HWOL labor demand series has been used extensively by analysts and researchers at Federal Reserve banks and the Brookings Institution, as well as by dozens of state websites. Shelp and her team are also responsible for the funding of HWOL via sales to government agencies, academia, and private companies. In addition to these responsibilities, she also manages the workforce readiness program and consults with The Demand Institute™.

Prior to joining The Conference Board, Shelp served as fi nance director for New York State’s Housing Finance Agency, where she developed several new fi nancing programs. She has also worked with New York State on international business development, as well as with major corporations, including Westvaco, Rohm and Haas, and Appleton.

Shelp began her career as an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. She holds a master’s degree in labor & industrial relations and economics from Michigan State University and a BA from the University of Texas.

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