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Pat O'Doherty

Chief Executive
Electricity Supply Board

Pat O'Doherty

Pat O’Doherty is the chief executive of Electricity Supply Board (ESB), a leading vertically integrated energy company in Ireland with annual revenues of approximately €3 billion. The company employs approximately 6,900 people.

ESB owns the electricity distribution and transmission networks in both the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland, with a regulatory asset base of approximately €6bn and stg£1 billion, respectively. In addition, the ESB Group owns  43  percent  of  total  electricity  generation  capacity in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and it supplies electricity to approximately 1.7 million customers throughout Ireland.

ESB is currently supporting the development of advanced smart networks and the charging infrastructure for electric cars across Ireland. ESB is also expanding its generation business in Great Britain.

Prior to being appointed chief executive in 2011, O’Doherty held a number of senior positions at ESB, including executive director ESB Energy International, managing director ESB Networks, and executive director ESB Power Generation.

O’Doherty joined ESB in 1981 and received primary and master’s degrees in engineering from University College Dublin. He also completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. O'Doherty is a member of the board of trustees of The Conference Board.