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Erik L. van Dijk

LMG Emerge

Erik L. van Dijk

Erik van Dijk is CEO/CIO at LMG Emerge Ltd, a Netherlands-based implemented consultant specializing in Emerging and Frontier Markets, Portfolio Construction and Selection of Asset Managers. LMG Emerge has two backbone partners: Emirates NBD, the largest bank in the UAE, and Banque Privee/Edmond de Rothschild. The firm has recently been selected as advisor to 3 investment funds in Luxemburg. In these funds – one focusing on Global Equities, the other on Global Fixed Income and the third on Other Asset Classes (but also with a Global Focus) – LMG will showcase its so-called GLOCAL concept. GLOCAL stands for Global and Local, which refers to LMG’s investment philosophy. LMG believes that local asset managers are best equipped to capture opportunities to outperform in their own markets.

At the heart of LMG’s asset allocation work lies van Dijk’s joint work with Nobel Prize Laureate Harry Markowitz with whom he worked together for 5 years (see also FAJ March/April 2003). Erik has 23 years of experience in investment management at both the academic and professional level. Erik has been a well-known asset manager and consultant in the institutional European investment market during the last 20 years. With respect to LMG’s Emerging and Frontier Markets work: originally strong in MENA and Russia-Central Asia, the firm is now expanding its activities in Africa and Australasia/India partly through internal growth and partly through new partnerships with strong local players.

In the academic field   Erik has worked as lecturer and visiting lecturer Corporate Finance and Investments at several business schools and post-graduate institutions in the Netherlands and abroad (USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland and the Middle East). The international educational activities in emerging markets countries were often part of LMG’s philanthropic activities through its Transferion foundation.

He has published one book on Quantitative Investment Analysis and numerous papers in academic and professional journals.