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Mark Wafer

Franchise Owner
Tim Hortons

Mark Wafer

Mark Wafer is the owner of six Tim Hortons restaurants located in Toronto, Ontario. In the past 18 years Mark and his wife Valarie have hired 85 people with disabilities in meaningful and competitively paid positions and currently employ 36 people with disabilities in all aspects of the business including entry level positions, logistics, customer service, production, administration and management.

Mark is not only a leading advocate for people with disabilities in the area of employment but also the lead business champion on the rotary at work initiative, a member of Ontario's Lieutenant Governors accessibilty team, an inaugural inductee into Ontario's Champions league and one of four members of the Federal governments panel on opportunities for people with disabilities in the workforce.

Mark lives with his wife Valarie in Ashburn, Ontario. In his spare time, Mark is a motorsports enthusiast, a race car driver and a former amatuer race car champion.