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Prudential Financial, Inc.

Prudential Financial, Inc.

Alongside its active corporate citizenship, the Company maintains an active profile in the legislative and regulatory processes for the benefit of customers and shareholders.  Thoughtful, effective regulation designed to support financial strength is the foundation of Prudential’s ongoing dialogue with policymakers who are examining the regulatory framework for financial services companies.  

Activities include direct lobbying, working with state and federal trade associations and coalitions, sponsoring of political action committees (PACs).

Prudential’s United States political contributions and those of its political action committees are made in accordance with federal and state campaign finance laws.  Additionally, internal policies and standards adopted by the Company also govern political activity.  Prudential policy prohibits contributing corporate funds to support candidate committees. 

The Prudential Board of Directors’ Committee on Corporate Governance and Business Ethics has oversight responsibility for Prudential's political contributions and lobbying activities and requires an annual report on expenses, as well as a discussion of the Company's ongoing strategy for the next year.

Read: 2011 Political Activity & Contributions Report

You can view Prudential’s complete approach to advocacy on page 25 of its 2011 Sustainability Report.

Committee Representative: Margaret Foran, Chief Governance Officer, Vice President and Corporate Secretary of Prudential Financial, Inc.

Committee Role: Member