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Altria Group, Inc.

Altria Group, Inc.

Altria Group and its operating companies believe that participation in the political, legislative, and regulatory processes -- at all levels of government -- is vital to our businesses and to our democracy.  As a result, Altria’s companies are engaged at the federal, state and local levels to educate stakeholders, including elected officials, about the company’s positions on legislative and regulatory proposals.

Altria Group and its companies are committed to complying with all laws that govern their political activities. To that end, Altria companies have developed and maintain a comprehensive political activity compliance and integrity program that takes into account what they consider to be the best practices in this area.

Read Altria’s Policy & Procedures

Read Altria’s Code of Conduct Requirements on political activity:

More information on Altria’s approach to political involvement and its disclosure of political contributions:

Committee Representative: Wesley D. Bizzell, Assistant General Counsel, Altria Client Services Inc.

Committee Role: Co-Chair