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Alice Snell

Program Director
The Conference Board CEO, Snell Research

Alice Snell

As the CEO of Snell Research, Alice Snell continues her two decade focus on talent management strategy and practices, and their intersection with technology. Prior to establishing Snell Research in 2011, Ms. Snell was Vice President, Research for Taleo (now Oracle Taleo) joining Taleo in 1999. Previously, Ms. Snell was a senior analyst at Kennedy Information.

Ms. Snell published The Job-Seeker's Guide to On-Line Resources in 1994 and has authored an extensive library of articles, reports and blog posts on human capital processes and technology. She is frequently called upon as an expert speaker and provides commentary on workforce issues and research into the value organizations create through the application of talent management.

Ms. Snell has been recognized on the Top 25 lists of online influencers – in leadership, in online recruiting and in talent management. Ms. Snell holds a Master of Science degree from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts cum laude from Brandeis University.

Ms. Snell has extensive experience teleworking throughout her career.