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Jeffrey Fox

Fox and Company

Jeffrey Fox

For over 25 years, Jeffrey Fox has been helping clients grow revenues and increase gross margins. Jeffrey is founder of Fox and Company, a management consulting firm that shows clients how to dollarize their value proposition to overcome the price objection and to shorten the sales cycle.  Fox has written eleven best-selling business books that have been translated into over thirty languages.

Jeff is the author of “How to Become CEO,” which was on the NY Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Knight-Ridder,, best seller lists.  His books have been best sellers in France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia.  His book, “How to Become a Rainmaker,” was selected as one of the 100 best business books ever written. His “Dollarization Discipline” was selected as one off the top thirty business books of 2006.  He is a popular speaker, appearing regularly before senior management groups and sales forces.  Jeff’s new book “The Transformative CEO: Impact Lessons From Industry Game Changers” co-written with Robert Reiss was published in June 2012. Jeff is a graduate of Harvard Business School. Fox and Company is in Chester, Conn.

All of Jeffrey’s books can be purchased on or any other major retailer.  His website is