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General Electric Company

General Electric Company

The success of GE depends significantly on sound public policies in the United States at the national, state and local levels. Governments, through advancing their legitimate regulatory and political interests, affect the environment in which GE operates. GE participates in the political process through contributions from the GE Political Action Committee (GEPAC) and through Company contributions where legal and appropriate under applicable law.

GE has a long-standing practice of not using corporate resources for the direct funding of independent expenditures expressly advocating for or against candidates in elections for public office.

As part of its oversight role in public policy and corporate social responsibility, the Public Responsibilities Committee of the board of directors reviews — at least annually – the Company’s policies and practices related to political and campaign contributions, and contributions to trade associations and other tax-exempt and similar organizations that may engage in political activity.

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You can view General Electric’s approach to Public Policy on the corporate website at:

Committee Representative: Lori Zyskowski, Executive Counsel, Corporate, Securities & Finance, General Electric Company

Committee Role: Member