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Mousumi Das

Senior Manager, Global Diversity
KPMG International

Mousumi Das

From law to diversity: prior to joining KPMG International Co-operative (KPMG International) in May 2008 Mousumi Das worked as an insurance/reinsurance lawyer for five years for a leading international law firm in London, UK. Mousumi has a degree in Law with Politics and has relocated toToronto,Canadawhere KPMG International is based.

Her diversity experience stems from her voluntary work as a Director with aLondonbased lawyers group affiliated to the UK Law Society. The group assisted ethnic minority candidates to find employment within the legal profession. Mousumi’s interest in pursuing a more people orientated/transformational role prompted her to change careers in order to explore different ways in which she could utilize both her legal and non-legal skills.

Reporting to the Global Head of HR, Mousumi’s role is to advance the diversity management platform through research and engagement with member firms. In her advisory capacity, she creates global guidance tools and resources to support and develop KPMG International’s global strategy for diversity.


Resource examples include developing internal papers around the global business case (“Ten reasons why diversity is a business issue”), gender and disability. Working closely with individual member firms, she offers tailored advice which enables them to confidently shape and strengthen their local diversity programs. In addition she works with member firm leadership, highlights emerging trends and provides guidance on best practices.


Internally, within KPMG in Canada (KPMG), she is an active committee member of the Ibero-America Network (IAN). The group aims liaise with the Ibero-American business community to identify internal and external business opportunities within that sector. The network also aims to increase the overall employee experience and interaction with Ibero-American people through cultural exchange, mentoring and community initiatives.


Externally, she volunteers as a mentor with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) mentoring new Canadians to assist them with their search for employment and is a member of iLive2Lead International - a not-for profit organization focused on developing leadership skills for girls aged between 15-23 years old.