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Elias van Herwaarden

EMEA Service Leader

Elias van Herwaarden

Elias van Herwaarden heads up Deloitte’s Global Location & Facility Services and is the EMEA Service Leader for Deloitte’s site selection efforts. Elias has over 20 years of experience in Location Consulting and assisted over 470 clients worldwide with international site selection and corporate restructuring.  He has more than ten years experience with Deloitte, having previously worked for a foreign investment agency in North America and a boutique site selection consultancy.

Elias has assessed off/near-shore operating and cost conditions for Shared Services Centers (SSC), Headquarters, manufacturing and distribution sites, conducting field work around the globe.

He regularly speaks and publishes material around corporate location and Foreign Direct Investment. He is a visiting professor on International Business Strategies at Leuven University, the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel and Lessius University College Antwerp.