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Naren Nanda

Enen Ltd

Naren Nanda

Naren is Director of Enen Ltd , an organisation devoted to executive coaching which he set up in 2003.He  coaches senior executives in companies in the UK and Netherlands and also in Asia, with a special emphasis on India. He works across ‘work’ and ‘life’ issues, helping his clients grasp the enchilada of what it means to be human and to achieve; helping them focus on real, significant personal change and professional breakthroughs along the way.

Finding Stress and Anxiety were a pervasive theme with many senior executives led Naren to his other interest - the use of mindfulness practice to build stress resilience in organisations.

Prior to setting up Enen Ltd, Naren worked for 32 years with Unilever in India and in the UK. He was Head of Human Resources for the global Home and Personal Care business of Unilever at the time he retired from the company in 2003.