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Jim Hauden

Chief Executive Officer
Root Learning

Jim Hauden

Jim Haudan is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Root Learning. He has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations and individuals unleash hidden potential by fully engaging people in the critical changes of their business. 

Headquartered in a small town in Northwest Ohio, Root Learning’s team, just 110 people strong, partners with senior teams at major companies worldwide to build creative ways to execute strategy. They do this through drawing people into the business by appealing to basic human curiosity and intelligence. Jim and the Root Team emphasize that business results don’t come from creating a great strategy, but by meaningfully connecting all of the people in the company to bring it to life. That emphasis has resulted in six straight years of making the list of the 25 Best Small and Medium Companies to work for in America and being named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top small employers with “winning workplaces.” Over 500 clients and prospects have paid a visit to Root’s home office in Sylvania, Ohio.

Jim leads a group of creative, analytical people who combine insights, art, visualization, and dialogue in innovative ways. Clients include some of the biggest names in business, including Gap Inc., PETCO, Dow Chemical, Pepsi, FirstEnergy, Taco Bell, and Hilton Hotels – more than 500 companies and tens of millions of people. In 2008, Jim wrote a national best-selling book in response to the impact that the Root method has had on such a great number of people. The Art of Engagement: Bridging the Gap Between People and Possibilities (McGraw-Hill, 2008) reflects two decades of lessons learned in consulting with senior teams at some of the largest companies in the world.

Jim is a frequent speaker – most recently at TEDxBGSU – on leadership alignment, strategy execution, employee engagement, business transformation, change management, and accelerated learning. He also contributes regularly to numerous business publications. He lives in Sylvania.