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Evan Falchuk

President & Chief Strategy Officer
Best Doctors, Inc.

Evan Falchuk

Evan Falchuk has been with Best Doctors since 1999 and is the company’s President and Chief Strategy Officer.  Evan leads the company’s internal and public strategy, which is focused on making sure people get the right medical care.  Prior to joining Best Doctors, he was an attorney in Washington, DC with one of the nation’s leading law firms, where his practice focused on internal and government investigations. 

Evan is a leading blogger and thought-leader on health care, health care reform and health care quality.  He has been recognized with numerous awards for his work in these areas.  He has been widely quoted in the media, and is a sought after speaker on health care and also on the use of social media.  He has provided testimony to state legislatures and other policy-making groups on health care and health care reform.

Evan is an avid Red Sox fan, and believes his life changed permanently in 2004.  He expresses his thanks to all members of the 2004 Red Sox.